Loglr allows you to see peoples browsing histories

While checking backlinks to my site jobsimatch.com, I noticed that I had a backlink in Google results from Loglr.  When I clicked on that Loglr backlink, I saw Mike Peters Loglr page and he has visited one of my pages on techlivewire.com.  He also had other history.  It appears this Loglr service is still in beta but I am impressed.  It is clean modern and elegant looking.  It appears that it is a very simple service to use.  I think this new startup will be successful because it is a very unique service.  I never heard of a service that lets you browse other peoples browsing histories.

Loglr lets you see the browsing history of people that inspire you
(friends and cool people as well…)

Loglr allows you to browse peoples browsing histories