MacBook Pro Keeps Shutting Down – What To Do

Over the years, Apple has created some stunning products. But it’s latest laptop MacBook Pro has been reported to have plenty of issues like thermal throttling and data recovery(due to motherboard failure). These problems are generally present in an average laptop computer but no one had ever expected them in a MacBook Pro.

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A random shutdown is another major problem the MacBook Pro has and if you are one of the unfortunate users who happen to have bought this computer, you better learn some troubleshooting techniques to fix this issue.

Are you facing one of the following problems with MacBook Pro?

1. It shuts down 2-3 seconds after pressing the start key. Doesn’t even boot fully.

2.  It shuts down after prolonged usage without any reason. You lose all your unsaved data and this is causing a lot of problems while you work.

Here are few troubleshooting techniques you can perform to stop your MackBook Pro from shutting down randomly.

1. Reset the PRAM

Don’t worry if you have never heard of PRAM. Resetting it doesn’t require you to be a tech-nerd. In short, “Parameter Random Access Memory” also known as P-ram is a memory device in your Apple computer that store system settings.

By resetting the PRAM in your MacBook Pro you can figure out whether the setting is correct. Sometimes, people unknowingly change the system settings while installing some software or working on a particular project.

To reset PRAM, just press and hold Command, Option, P, and R keys all at the same time the next time you start your computer. Press these keys immediately after you start your computer. Your computer will start up once again and that how you know the PRAM has been reset.

2. Repair disk using Apple’s Disk Utility

Apple’s engineers believe that disk repair can solve the problems of a computer shutting down unexpectedly. That is why they have exclusively recommended(on their website) risk recovery using Machintosh’e built-in tool called “Disk Utility”.

To perform disk repair, restart your computer and hold Command and R keys until the Apple logo appears. You can release the keys once the logo appears as your computer goes into OS X Recovery mode. Click Disk Utility and select the disk you want to repair. Don’t forget to back up all important data before you hit run.

3. Reset the System Management Controller(SMC)

The SMC performs some low-level functions like Battery management, Thermal management, Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS), Responding to the display lid opening and closing on Mac notebooks, etc. So, if the root cause of your random shutdown issue is in one of the functions of SMC, you can expect it to get resolved after the SMC reset.

Resetting SMC is the last gasp solution and should be done if nothing else is working. The easy way to reset SMC is by shutting down your computer and then holding the power button for 10 seconds. Once you release the power button, press it again to start your computer as you normally do. This will reset the SMC and solve your problem of MacBook Pro shutting down.

Still doesn’t work?

The above-mentioned troubleshooting methods will solve any software issue if it is there in your MacBook Pro. But if your computer still continues to give similar problems, there might be a hardware failure. Do not open and fiddle with the pc components. Take your laptop to the Apple store and let the engineers have a look at it.