Meaning of Whatsapp smileys

Here is a list of all the meanings of each emoticon smiley in Whatsapp.  Here are all the different key combinations for various smileys.

whatsapp emoticons smileys meaning


:D or :-D Big grin

:-* A kiss

:-P~ A lick

:-o Wow! or I`m surprised

:-| Grim

:-P Sticking out your tongue

:-  User happens to be Popeye

:-/ Perplexed

=:O Frightened (hair standing on end)

=8O Bug-eyed with fright

:-} Embarassed smile

:-)<>>>>> Basic Smiley with a necktie

;-^) Tongue in cheek

%*@:-( Hung over

:-~~~ Drooling

>:) Perplexed look

.) Keeping an eye out for you

8:-) Glasses on forehead

8:[ Normal smiling face of a gorilla

0:-) Angel

]:-|[ Robot

(:V) Duck

3:-o Cow

:-] Vampire

(_8-(|) Homer Simpson

C|:-= Charlie Chaplin

=|:-)= Abe Lincoln

*<:-) Santa Claus

-:-) User sports a mohawk and admires Mr. T

(:)-) Scuba diver

:-`| User has a cold

:-{} User with heavy lipstick

:-)8 User is well dressed

>:-< eyes

=”_=” characters

=”=”> Excuse me

^^; Cold sweat

^o^ Happy

*^o^* Exciting

(^_^)/ Banzai smiley

( ; _ ; ) crying m

( _ _ )m Apologies/thank you

(>_<) Angry

(+_+) Shocked/disappointed

(@[email protected]) ill/hangover