Minecraft “Cyber-Attack” On Denmark

You may not be aware of Minecraft, a popular, and still vastly growing game, with over one hundred purchases of the game itself every single day. The Denmark Government recently created their own country in block form, in a Minecraft world, to help educate children about their own country.  However, the Danish Geodate Agency (DGA) were horrified to find that hackers had logged in to the game and “terrorized” the world.  Small portions of the world were actually blown up through use of ‘TNT’.   Large US flags stood tall at the starting area, as well as red, white and blue “America” signs.  The state-owned agency believes the “vandalism” was to attract attention, and said the damage had been fully repaired.

Images showing the changes first appeared on the fan site Minecraft Forums posted by a user who wrote: “I americanlized the place a bit.” Chris Hammeken, chief press officer at the Danish Geodata Agency, told the BBC: “Only a minor area was destroyed, the flags actually appeared right where the players start, so I think the people who put them there wanted to gain as much attention as possible.”


“Minecraft is about building and rebuilding,” said Mr Hammeken, who described the incident as part of Minecraft’s “nature of play.”

Buildings were destroyed using virtual dynamite – TNT – the use of which had been banned on the Danish server – after users discovered it could be detonated when hidden in Minecarts. The city was not “hand-built” – the topographical data of Denmark was imported into Minecraft, which is also available as a free download on the DGA’s website. People that download the data can play on the world in Single player, or put it on their own Multiplayer server. The replica of the country has reportedly been downloaded over 220,000 times since the start of the month.

It’s still not clear who the American “vandals” were and why they targeted Denmark.


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