Minecraft pocket editions hints and tips

Here are some helpful hints and tips for Minecraft pocket edition.
minecraft pocket editions tips how to play

  • Make sure your battery is charged, and/or plugged in (3D gaming drains the battery quickly).
  • Get used to the controls before playing on servers (it is easy to mine the block under a torch by mistake).
  • Tap and hold an item in the hotbar to drop it.
  • Know the difference between Hostile and non-hostile mobs. If you are entirely new to Minecraft, a simple trick can be used to differentiate: Hostiles will approach and follow you, passives will ignore you.
  • Know how to apply armor and manage your health. Armor is next to the Crafting tab in the inventory screen.
  • Peer-to-peer networking requires UDP port 19132
  • If you’re having trouble with block placement/mining accuracy – turn on split touch controls. This brings up the crosshair from the PC and Xbox versions to allow more precise placement.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed by hostile mobs, turn on Peaceful mode in the options menu. Since 0.7.0 you need to move the difficulty slider to the left.
  • If you are looking for diamonds, they spawn deep underground, near bedrock, roughly on the 10-16th layers.