New Instagram Features to Use in 2019

Visual information is faster and easier for the human brain to interpret than text, which may account for why Instagram is going into 2019 with a billion active users each month. If you are considering expanding your marketing reach into the visual platform, take advantage of the new features that are making Instagram the darling of social media.

Instagram feature

Share your handle with Instagram name tags

With underscores, dots, abbreviations, or unusual spellings, it can be hard to share your Instagram handle verbally with someone you’ve just met. Name tags are a quick and easy way for other people to find you on Instagram. Users can scan your code to view your profile and follow you. Use the name tag to increase the number of Instagram followers on your account by cross-posting the name tag on other social media accounts, and making it scannable to exchange at events instead of a traditional business card.

Share photos and videos from your camera roll in Live

Live video is a popular feature on Instagram, helping drive the popularity of the platform. A new feature that is making waves is the ability to share existing photos and videos during a Live broadcast. This allows brands to shoot a professional video, but share some behind the scenes content mid-stream. Engaging the audience with an inside joke or funny moment boosts your authenticity and builds community.

Add question stickers to a Live broadcast

Live videos enable accounts to interact with followers on Instagram. Recent new features make it easier to engage audiences and add to the visual appeal. Brands can host an AMA or Q&A with a Question Sticker that directs the conversation by displaying a relevant question during a Live Broadcast. The question remains on the screen throughout the broadcast, so people joining at different times will understand the context. After adding the sticker, users will be able to add different visual effects and music.

Add effects to music that pulse to the beat

Adding to the rich feature set of Instagram Live videos, this new option lets accounts showcase music during a Live broadcast. Users can add a range of video effects that respond to the beats and sounds of the chosen song.

Add hashtags to your bio and follow others

Keep up with the competition and trending topics by following hashtags related to your account. It works the same way as following another user. Just click on the hashtag and select the Follow button. Another new feature allows Instagram users to add links to your username or branded hashtag in your Instagram bio. Anything you tag with your hashtags become searchable by the public, so it widens your potential audience and makes it easier for others to find your account. The result is that your account is exposed to engaged followers who are actually interested in it.


Instagram kicked off 2019 with a record number of engaged users. Marketers need to pay attention and actively expand efforts into the visual platform. New features make it easy to make compelling visual statements about your brand and will challenge you to hone your video skills to compete with brands entering the space.