prevent Zoosk from posting on your Facebook wall.

Zoosk is posting on your Facebook wall because you are the one that originally gave Zoosk special permissions when you were signing up.   Luckily you can take away those special posting permissions from Zoosk.  If you are tired of Zoosk posting on your wall and want to get rid of it here is how.


Zoosk is just an app like any other Facebook app and you can easily remove it from posting on your wall.

How to delete an app:
You can easily see and manage all the apps you’ve added from the My Apps page in the App Center. From here, you can remove an app by hovering over it and clicking the x that appears.

You can also remove an app from your Account Settings. To do this:

  • Click downward arrow at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Account Settings
  •  From the menu in the left column, select Apps
  • Click the app you’d like to remove, then click the Remove app link
  • Once you confirm you’d like to remove the app, it will no longer have access to your data or be able to post to your timeline. The app will be removed from your timeline, bookmarks and your Apps and Games home page. Past stories from the app may remain on your timeline.