Ramp Up Your Personal Style on a Budget

Have you fallen into a fashion rut? Do you find yourself sporting your college sweatpants and sweat shirts weekend after weekend? Many falsely assume that fashion and style are uncomfortable. Many also falsely assume that it takes a huge budget and the services of an expensive personal stylist to uncover your personal style and ramp up your wardrobe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Follow these recommendations from the professional stylists to ramp up your personal style on a budget. There’s no better time than today to get started.

The first step is to take stock of the pieces that are currently in your wardrobe. Carve out the time to go through your closet and drawers to take inventory. If you have not worn a piece in over a year, this is the opportunity to discard, donate or consign it. Don’t fall victim to the false notion that oversized clothes hide your extra five or ten pounds and make you appear slimmer. Actually, the opposite is true. Place oversized pieces in on the three piles you’ve created. Don’t torture yourself by hanging onto garments that are too small under the false premise that once you lose five or ten pounds, you’re sure to wear them again. This is not true – you won’t wear them again. Place them in one of the three piles you’ve created.

Once your purging is complete, begin to focus on anchor pieces. A well-tailored jacket, quality trousers and an A-line skirt in darker, solid colors are the anchor pieces of your wardrobe. Focus on quality not quantity. Begin to rebuild your wardrobe based on your best features, lifestyle and budget.

One of the most economical ways to ramp up the style in your wardrobe without breaking the bank is to enjoy the new fashion accessories. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and snag a Lacoste coupon for great deals on the latest styles and accessories.

Slowly begin to rebuild your wardrobe around your anchor pieces focusing on quality versus quantity. Know that the most important fashion statement you can make every day is to wear a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Best of luck to you as your revamp your personal sense of style!


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