Ring shows security drone with camera in front of home

Amazon subsidiary Ring comes with the Always Home Cam, a security drone with camera and home Internet connection. This allows users to fly the drone around the house when they are not at home to make sure everything is ok.

The drone consists of a dock to load that blocks the camera’s view while loading, and the drone itself, the announcement. Users can have the drone follow a set path through the house or control the drone. The flying security camera has object detection to prevent collisions

The camera can automatically turn on when a paired Ring system issues an alarm, but according to Amazon, it’s also intended to make sure everything in the house is okay if users have forgotten to turn off appliances in the kitchen, for example.

Amazon’s subsidiary believes that privacy is guaranteed by making the engines sound, so that housemates can hear the drone coming during an inspection. Ring has been working on the development for two years. The company plans to release the drone next year and expects to charge $250 for it