Technology Addiction- A Real Impact on your Lives


Something with which we people are actually connected is the technology no matter where we are it is the technology that is continuously making our lives simple and standard. However, our too much dependence on technology has caused a lot of addiction among the people hampering their day to day life in a large amount. This can be called as a kind of disorder which currently has emerged as one of the most serious issue where people are unable to control the usage of different technologies. There are several effects of technological addiction such as diminishing creativity and loss in one’s concentration power.  You can identify the addiction of technology in the following manner:

  1. Using any technology excessively:

Using technology is important particularly to upgrade our standard of living and relieve boredom. However, in the present years people are excessively using various technologies daily and are also using it immoderately. It is seen that due to excessive use of technology people are neglecting their basic needs and a common sign through which one can identify their excessive exploitation of technology is when each work is accompanied by any kind of gadget. Apart from this, it is important to note that excessive use of technology can largely hamper both interpersonal and social skills.

  1. Usage of devices and internet:

It is found that addiction to technology is massively caused due to mobile phones and more particularly for different social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Aggressive usage of internet is one of the common phenomenons of technology addiction.

  1. Issues caused:

There are several issues that one need to go through if gets addicted to technology such as cognitive loss, isolation, depression, deficits in skills, vision problems, strain in neck and distraction. To a large extent it has been found that psychological issues are more prominent in such cases.

  1. Reduction in social bond:

Addiction to technology can be prominent in one if there is sudden detachment of social bonds particularly when there is less or no face to face communication. This happens because people become dependent on technology and prefer to communicate over phone or by using social accounts.

  1. Neurosis:

Too much use of technology causes an individual suffer from several types of emotional as well as mental disturbances. This may include delusions, anxiety and phobias.

Use of technology in the past years have tremendously increased but with this people has been highly addicted to such usage. People have created a comfort zone for themselves with the technological advancement. Each day there a huge number of technology that people use and consider that they are incomplete without it. Research suggests that such addiction is not actually a disorder that has high health issues if not controlled. At many a times it is also evident that such addiction or our too much dependency on technology has devastating effects on teens, children, families and individual.