Tekken 7 Officially Confirmed Watch Trailer

Tekken 7 officially confirmed
Tekken publisher Namco Bandai will be making an announcement at EVO 2014 today, and leaks suggest it is indeed Tekken 7.

Update: Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada took the stage at Evo 2014 to officially announce Tekken 7 – somewhat ahead of schedule.

The trailer shows a woman seated in a temple, speaking to Kazuya about destroying Heihachi. Sadly, No gameplay was shown. The short video ended with the words “Kazumi and Heihachi”, and a promise of more information to come at San Diego Comic-Con.

I just pray that they made the game observe real world gravity and did something about the awful air combos where characters are juggled around in the air, because I really hate it when I am playing online and people just launch my character in the air and do combos tossing my character around like a doll which I can’t break out of.  Killer Instinct on Xbox One allows people to break out of combos, but I do look forward to Tekken 7 and it’s unreal engine 4 technology.