The 5 big things at CES 2014.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has finally rolled around again. Many new things have been unveiled so far but there are 5 main things that are pretty evident.

  • Tech companies are moving towards curved TV’s

Both Samsung and LG have announced some new curved displays.

  • Wearable Tech is making some headway.

Wearable technology such as watches, are making a big splash. LG and Razer both debuted fitness bands.

  • New Tech is heading to cars

Car companies such as BMW, Chevy, and Hyundai have announced some new technology they will be adding to their cars.

  • Physical keyboards may be on the way back

A few new cases that sport physical keyboards for phones have been shown, could physical phone keyboards be on the way back?

  • Tech is heading to everything

Companies are stopping at no end to add tech to everything. A toothbrush was unveiled with Bluetooth that tracks your brushing. CES


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