The Top 5 Google PlayStore Alternatives in 2020

If you are here, you already must know that Google’s product PlayStore is not sufficient when it comes to downloading unverified third-party apps. Although these apps are not considered safe, there are plenty of reputed apps which are still to be verified. Google has stringent security guidelines which not all developers like to follow. The guidelines put a lot of restrictions on a developer or creator of the app. This is where Google PlayStore alternatives come into play.


Here Are the Top 5 Google Play Store Alternatives in 2020

1) AC Market

AC Market is one of the most popular free marketplaces for Android apps. Here, you can find some really useful modded apps and games for your Android phone. You will be surprised to learn that there are more than 15,000 applications stored in this marketplace. All available at your fingertips. Lastly, you should know that this app does come with ads. So, be prepared to dodge some annoying ads.

2) Amazon App Store

In case you didn’t already know, Amazon has a great collection of apps for Android phones. However, unlike Google PlayStore, here you won’t get a free version of all apps. Some are free and some are paid (you need to immediately after the trial period). 

Apart from that, there is no compromise on quality. One good news is, Amazon is giving away paid apps for its loyal customers. If you regularly buy stuff from their online store, you will get email notifications of apps to download for free. 

3) 9Apps

9Apps was founded in the year 2011 by popular Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma. He is also the founder of the eCommerce store Ali Baba. Being the rival of Google PlayStore, it offers a lot of exciting offers and features to lure new users in. 

Two big plus points this app has over PlayStore are 1) it is faster 2) has a low cost to download. When you download an app from 9Apps, the app size gets reduced. For instance, YouTube from PlayStore occupies about 35MB, while on 9Apps it takes just 15 MB space. Hence, go for 9Apps if you have an older smartphone with low RAM.

4) APKMirror 

APKMirror is a free Android app marketplace for those who like a plain and simple user interface. The site is designed in an interesting way. To find an app you are looking for, simply type the keyword in the search box and results will appear. To download an app, simply click on the download button. That’s it! It’s hassle-free.

5) AppBrain

AppBrain is another PlayStore alternative for your Android smartphone. For a developer, it has a feature known as AppBrain App Intelligence. An app creator can check the ranking history and technical data of their apps on all marketplaces. Finally, this marketplace can be trusted. It is created by AppTornado GmbH, a Swiss company founded by two ex-Google engineers.


These are the best alternatives for Google PlayStore I have used so far. You can try each of them out and see which one suits your needs. For me, 9Apps and AppBrain have been the most valuable.