This Year’s Top Stories About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In 2019, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has reached a level where it can be utilized by businesses as a service; known as AI as a service ( AIAS). In case you are wondering what the fuss is all about, AI is basically a computer program of an algorithm that emulates the way the human brain functions. Just like a human brain, AI incorporates multiple nodes at the input and the same at the output. The computer program makes a connection between these nodes based on the data it collects.


Here Are This Year’s Top Stories About Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

1) AI Is Helping Hunt down Mysterious Radio Signals

Mysterious radio waves arriving from deep outer space keep hitting the surface of the earth. Researchers have studied the weirdly shaped radio waves that last for just a few milliseconds when played. Until now they have a clue as to where these signals are coming from and what are they trying to communicate. However, now an Australian university is helping them track down the source with a machine-learning system. Hopefully, AI will one day be able to find alien creatures on other planets.

2) Humanoid Robots Are Being Built to Perform Complex Tasks Ordinarily Performed by Humans

In case you are tired of seeing bulky and large robots running on wheels, you should have a look at what the engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invented. They have created a bipedal robot that can walk like a human being and carry out intricate tasks that on a human being is capable of performing. These robots are designed to carry out missions critical operations like rescuing someone from a burning building or a chemical spill. 

3) AI Now Knows How You Look like Just by Listening to Your Voice

Sometimes even humans are capable of figuring out or visualizing how a person might look like just by listening to their voice. But how accurate can a human be? AI can now listen to your voice and know exactly how you look. 

A team at MIT including Tae-Hyun Oh, Tali Dekel, William T. Freeman, and four others have come up with a speech detecting system that can do just that. They published an abstract of what this system is capable of doing. As you can from the picture, the system can sift through millions of videos online and identify the person it belongs to.

4) Robots Have Learned How to Trash Talk and Be Mean

It’s fun to play a video game where the narrator understands your moves and talks to you as your friend. Even trash-talking is tolerable up to an extent. In a study done by the Carnegie Mellon University, a robot named Pepper was programmed to trash talk and be mean to gamers playing a video game. 

The robot humiliated player saying “I have to say you are a terrible player“. Although this robot was programmed to recite pre recovered sentences, we are not far away from the day when robots will actually humiliate humans out of contempt.


These are the top stories about Artificial Intelligence (AI) I came across in 2019. I am sure there are plenty of other interesting things that happened in 2019. Let me know in the comments below.