Top 5 Android Cleaner Apps of 2019

Not all cache cleaner apps on the Google Marketplace are worth installing. As you might already know that Android’s operating systems have a native handler that assigns the right amount of memory to each app and also makes sure the RAM is being used in the most optimal way.

cleaner app

People at Android have made sure that even if you don’t use a cleaner or booster app, your phone will take care of the maintenance and performance issues in its own. I have shared a few android cleaner apps below that work in conjunction with Android and makes your phone perform better.

Here are the top 5 Android cleaner apps of 2019.

1. Go Speed

No other android cleaner app consumes as less space as Go Speed. It can boost your phone speed by 60 %. It does all the cleaning activities in the background itself. When needed, you can use manual cleaning as well but I prefer it’s auto-cleaning feature. Moreover, while I use other apps on my phone, Go Speed never bother me by sending unnecessary popups or notifications.

Once you install this app on your android phone, you won’t even think of any other cleaner app. Along with cleaning the cache and lowering the CPU temperature, this app also offers some perks like AppLock, APP Manager, Smart On-screen Widget and Pre-installed App Terminator. I like the Pre-installed App Terminator feature a lot. It is very difficult to uninstall the pre-installed apps as doing so can create some complications.

2. Power Clean

If your phone is running too slow or gets heated quickly, you should definitely install the Power Clean android cleaner app. It is a totally free and easy-to-use tool to optimize your phone and make it runs like new again.

You are facing these problems because you haven’t tuned up your phone for a long time. Power Clean offers features like free-up storage, clean-up memory, minimize auto-startups and disable unwanted apps. So, install it today and your phone will run faster than you ever thought possible.

3. Clean Master

Clean Master is probably the most popular tool to clear junk files from your android phone. It’s popular due to the fact that it comes pre-installed with a lot of Android phones. I have personally used Clean Master on my phone and I found the user interface really interesting. On the home screen, it shoes two dials: One for storage and another for RAM usage. Moreover, it also displays the space occupied by the junk files on your phone.

4. Systweak Android Cleaner

This is another android cleaner app on my list called Systweak Android Cleaner. Upon its installation, the app creates three icons on your screen. Along with the main icon it creates One Touch Cleanup and the Game Cleanup. This good since you don’t have to open the main app for minor tasks like quick cleanup and game cleanup but it can also confuse some people. Apart from this, it’s a fantastic app that goes to work in seconds.

5. Hi Security

Hi Security is an Android app that comes with a Junk Cleaner, Speed Booster, and an Antivirus. In short, it’s a complete package for your phone that will take care of its maintenance and protection. Installing this cleaner app on your android phone will make a big difference in its performance.

Moreover, the user interface is super simple. It has three buttons: Treat detection, privacy and performance boost. You can run any task with a single tap and it goes to work without delay.


You will hear some people say that cleaner apps are not essential for android phones but they are. These cleaner apps kill unused apps and free up the memory for other important tasks. Hence, using them will make your phone faster and better.