Top 5 Best Digital Picture Frames Available

Digital photoframe

How amazing would it be if the picture frame hanging on your wall could display more than one picture? It is time for you to step into the digital world, because friends, digital picture frames are here to fulfil your wish. Not only can you select photos from a USB or an SD card, but you can also play audio and video files on this magic frame.

We have rounded up the top 8 digital picture frames, which you can buy for yourself or as a nice housewarming gift for your friends.

  1. Pix-star ($154.46)

This digital picture frame comes in two sizes, 10.4-inch and 15-inch. The 4:3 formatted display has low-consumption LED backlit for energy-conscious people. This device can hold up to 20,000 pictures. You can send files to Pix-star by email, which has Wi-Fi connectivity. It also supports USB, SDHC and SDXC cards.

You want to send a picture from your frame to your friend? Pix-star can do that for you. Want to upload photo via Facebook? Again, Pix-star is there for you. What to know the real-time weather report? Pix-star is here. This digital frame can do almost everything and you can manage it from Pix-Star’s website.

  1. Sungale ($96.95)

Sungale makes organizing and viewing your photos an easy by fun experience. The 7-inch display provides a crisp and clear image compared to other digital picture frames in the market. With a stunning resolution of 1024×600 and an aspect ratio of 16:9, this picture frame is sure to dominate all. The highlight of this frame would be its touchscreen which is missing from most of the picture frames.

Sungale accepts inputs from all leading social media sites and via email and Dropbox as well. This device also has an SD card slot and USB connectivity. With a warranty of one year and at a lower cost than Pix-star, this frame might be the best thing you can hang on your wall.

The only drawback of this frame remains its difficult set-up. Due to sophisticated operations, setting up this frame gets a little difficult, but other than that you should surely put your money on this one.

  1. Nixplay Edge

This digital picture frame comes for $139.94 and is completely worth the money spent. It comes with an 8-inch screen display and a 2GB internal memory. It not only has an amazing screen resolution of 1024×768, but has a good photo reproduction capability. It is a smart picture frame which starts as soon as you enter the room and shuts off when you exit the room. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity, thus giving you an option of displaying your favourite collection from anywhere.

  1. Nixplay Iris

This picture frame with an 8-inch screen will cost you about $182.62, but it comes with a massive 8GB internal storage, which is more than any frame in the market. While there is a lot of storage in this frame, it would’ve been better if it had an option of plugging in an SD card. This digital photo frame comes with self-brightness adjustments and has smart features which turn off the screen when there is no sound detected. There are 16 different transitions to make your pretty pictures look prettier. The only drawback in this frame would be its inability to display videos. But with the stunning display, smart technology, massive internal storage and beautiful frames to match your décor, this photo frame might be worth the money you spend.

  1. Philips Home Essentials SPF3482

If you want a picture frame for a lower cost, then the digital picture frame by Philips priced at $54.94 might be the best choice for you. It might have low internal space of 128mb and no social media connectivity, but it does have an SD card slot and a port of your USB drive. The picture reproduction is good and the aspect ratio of 16:9 with a resolution of 800×601 is present. The wooden frame in this device makes it ideal for your traditional home décor.