Top Trends that will Change the Way we Interact with Technology

Block chain technology

Technology is something that is changing at a rate faster than ever before. The technological advancement in the world has seen an unprecedented growth over the last decade. The way we have been interacting with the technology has not remained same anywhere in time, rather it has changed continuously. With the coming up of smart phones, tablets etc. our interaction with technology and world has taken a new dimension that we would not have even imagined in our earlier days. Web usage which started with desktop computers has now dramatically shifted towards smart phones and has overtaken the desktop based web usage. From keypads to touch pads, to voice searches things have changed dramatically. Here are top trends around the world that will change the way we interact with technology as of now.

1. Block chain technology

Block chain a decentralized mechanism for storing, authenticating and protecting data. Block chain has gained momentum recently due to crypto currency market being totally dependent on this technology as its backbone. The crypto currency transactions are being recorded on the nodes of the cryptograph of the block chain network. The data transfer is directly and do not involve currency exchange. However its use is still debatable with some countries going against its use while some legalizing it as a legal tender. But part from crypto currency, block chain has various other useful applications too.

2. 3-d Printing

Another interesting fascinating advancements is the 3-D printing. It is highly useful to create much more complex shapes and allows for greater customization’s in the manufacturing of products without having to worry about the economics involved.

3. The internet of things

IOT is another extremely useful technology that is making all our daily use devices smarter for us. IOT uses data from each device and connects them through a common server to optimize the performance of the appliances that we use in our daily life, whether in our homes or in office.

4. Automation

Automation which also perceived as something that is going to take away manual jobs from us is also a powerful technological trend popular in the world. The world is getting highly mechanized and driver less vehicles have become a reality now. Companies like Google, SpaceX, Uber etc. are working towards making his technology even more economical and efficient. However there is still a lot to be done to make it accessible or common man to use it.