Viber Push notifications

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  1. In order to use the Viber app, you must enable Push Notifications for Viber.
  2. What are Push Notifications?
  3. Push notifications allow Viber to notify you of any calls (incoming, missed, etc.) even when Viber is off or in the background.
  4. It will also notify you of friends that just joined Viber.
  5. Please note that Viber will not work if this feature is disabled.
  6. How to enable Push Notifications?
  7. To enable push notifications, please follow the instructions below:
  8. 1. Go to your iPhone Home screen.
  9. 2. Enter your iPhone settings and tap on Notifications.
  10. 3. Make sure that the notifications are on.
  11. 4. Go to Viber notification settings, and turn on all the 3 options.
  12. 5. Go to Viber and start making free calls.
  13. So don’t miss a Viber call – turn your push notifications on!
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