Virtual Reality and Online Gaming

Virtual Machine

With virtual reality improving by the minute, you might be wondering what these developments will mean for the world of online gambling. How will online poker games be played in a few years’ time? Will people even buy into it? Analysts have predicted that that bets made through VR gambling will have reached $521 million by 2021. This indicates an 800% increase since VR first appeared in 2017. With this in mind, today we’re looking at how virtual reality is likely to shape online gambling in the years to come. Hold onto your headsets!

Virtual reality casinos

Imagine being able to saunter around the best casinos in Las Vegas or Macau without even having to change out of your pyjamas! As VR technology improves, expect the world you can inhabit online to become even more realistic, to offer more variety and to ship you to some of the world’s most famous locations. Being able to be virtually beamed into a casino means you’ll be able to play the slots alongside the old-timers, throw your crabs dice, and even look into the eyes of your opponents. Travelling the world and having a ball without having to buy a plane ticket certainly sounds like a good deal to us.

Lower-cost and better quality

Currently, you really need to be in the money to afford some of the VR hardware out there, especially if you want the best stuff. As VR becomes more popular, expect costs to go down and the every man to be able to afford to get a slice of the action. Additionally, VR won’t ever be at its best until internet connections can live up to the challenge of live streaming high-quality VR images. As this improves, so too will virtual reality in online gambling. It’s happening. We just need to be patient!

Jumping on the bandwagon

For VR in online gambling to really kick off, all online gambling sites need to be up for throwing their hat in the ring. According to analyst firm, Technavio, the biggest issue surrounding VR in the gambling market is that players are uncertain of whether it’s worth their time and the financial investment. While they see the big online gambling players not embracing the technology, they’re unlikely to commit. The minute they see it becoming mainstream, online gamblers will be jumping on board left, right and centre.

While we may be at a slight hiatus as we wait for the next big steps in VR to be made by the industry’s biggest names – there is no doubt that virtual reality and online gambling are a match made in (virtual) heaven.