What is the fad about Renewable Energy?

renewable energy
Renewable energy is being discussed everywhere, on the news, social media platforms there have even been political discussions on its importance. The big question that arises here is what is the fad about renewable energy? Why is it being given so much importance? To understand this ‘fad’ it is necessary that we understand a few basic things about renewable energy first.

What is Renewable energy?

It is energy that can be naturally replenished and do not get depleted, like the energy we receive from the sun (solar energy), from the wind (wind energy), energy generated from the heat inside the earth (geothermal energy), etc.
Whereas non- renewable energy is energy obtained from sources that can be depleted as their reserves are finite. The most common examples of these are petrol, diesel, oil and coal on which most of the companies run.

Importance of Renewable energy

The industries, manufacturing units and vehicles all run on non- renewable sources of energy. As the demand for various goods has increased due to increasing population the consumption of fossil fuels such as coal has also increased as it is needed to run several machines. This has led to a steady depletion in the fossil fuel reserves. If the consumption is carried on at this rate there will soon come a time when the fossil fuels deplete. This is extremely worrisome, hence it has become essential that companies and other organizations start using other sources of energy to ensure smooth running of operations. This is where renewable energy sources come into play.


Energy received from the sun can never get depleted and has a variety of applications such as heating and lighting homes and other buildings, for generating electricity, and for hot water heating, solar cooling, and a variety of commercial and industrial uses.


Man has been harnessing the wind’s energy for years, windmills have been used for pumping water and grinding grain. Today, the windmill’s modern counterpart a wind turbine uses the wind’s energy to generate electricity.


Geothermal energy is basically the energy that is derived out of the earth’s heat. It can be used to generate electricity and in heat pumps and is a clean and sustainable resource.


It is the energy from organic matter. It can be used as fuel for transportation, for generating electricity and as a replacement for petroleum.


Flowing water creates energy that can be captured and turned into electricity, this is known as hydroelectricity. Power plants are most commonly seen on dams or reservoirs.
Along with these various other forms of energy such as ocean energy, hydrogen energy and green energy are also used as alternatives to non- renewable sources.

The “FAD”

The current trend of increase in the use of renewable forms of energy has started due to the decreasing supply of fuels and increase in demand for the same. It has become very important to start using these renewable sources of energy if we want the future generations to have sufficient energy resources. A lot of companies have begun using renewable energy to generate power.

The pioneer of this being our favorite website Google. Very recently Google announced that after a decade as a carbon- neutral company it will be able to run completely on renewable energy by the time 2017 ends. Which means that all the power the company consumes for its operations in its data centers and offices will be wind and solar energy. This announcement didn’t come as a complete surprise though, Google had declared its intention to run on renewable energy back in 2016. It also claims to be the largest purchaser of renewable energy in the world. This initiative taken by Google could inspire many other companies to do the same and this would benefit our environment greatly. With a number of companies using green energy the strain on the non- renewable resources will drop considerably.

We as citizens need to contribute our bit and make sure this fad remains cool for the longest time possible, as it will benefit us in numerous ways. Air pollution will reduce tremendously with the use of renewable resources as they do not generate harmful smoke. This, in turn, will reduce the occurrence of various diseases caused by it. The renewable energy fad is something we need to make into a habit if we wish to ensure a good future for ourselves as well as the coming generations.