What Should You do When Your Phone’s Memory is Full?


Does your phone beep an “Internal storage full” reminder each time you try to make a video or receive a Bluetooth folder, despite clearing most of the data or transferring your files to the SD card? Well, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Move most of the Apps and Media Files to the SD card
    You can free some space from your phone memory by shifting some of movable apps to the SD card. Go to Settings >> Apps and click the ON SD CARD tab.
    Also prefer having most of your media files, like photos, videos, songs and movies on the SD card.
  • Clear the app cache
    What is cached data? When we use applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., our smartphone starts storing some of the data for future reference. Since we can’t move these apps to the SD card, these apps store some temporary memory files into the device. For example, if you have scrolled down a photograph on your Facebook timeline, you wouldn’t have to scroll down your entire timeline the next time you wish to find that picture, because a Facebook cache file has been created. These cache files can occupy a considerable portion of your phone memory and your phone may still show “Memory Full” despite deleting many apps. You can go to your Storage Settings, and delete the cache data and other junk files, and it won’t affect the normal functioning of your apps.
  • Clear WhatsApp Media and Database Folders
    When you are sending videos, audios and images through WhatsApp, by default all the data received and sent is saved, and remains even after you’ve deleted them from your Gallery folder. So, go to WhatsApp folder and Phone Memory and you will find theMedia and Databases folders, which you will have to manually delete the unnecessary files and thumbnails.
  • Another very efficient way to store your documents and photos is by uploading them to cloud through services like Google+Photos. Not only does this help you clear phone space, your data remains secure since you can access them even if your phone gets broken or stolen. It is also easier to access, with such high internet speeds these days!
  • If all these above options don’t work, you can always take a back up of all your documents and media files, and format the entire device to restore the smartphone to factory settings.


Don’t panic, use these hacks, you’ll be just fine!