Why you shouldn’t be carrying around Mobile Phone

With so many of us carrying around our phones in our pant pockets or worse breast pockets, studies reveal that we are probably not supposed to be carrying them around. Apparently, there are serious medical ramifications due to the radiations emitted by the mobile phones.

There is actual toxicological and epidemiological evidence proving these claims- the cell-phone radiation interfere with the body at cellular level and mess up the DNA. The radiations are said to be able to breakdown the blood brain barrier, which protects the brain from foreign substance that may cause any damage. Since these radiations can alter the DNA, they affect the male fertility and change the brains’ metabolism. The sperm count and sperm mobility are greatly reduced. There was also a specific case of woman who developed a tumor in her breasts due to tucking the mobile phone in her bra. In fact the tumor was in a perfect shape of the cell phone. It is not only with the breasts, but men who carry their phone in the pant pockets or attach it to the belts have also faced a case of decreased bone density in the pelvic region due to these radiations. Men are advised to stop carrying their phones on their belts or their pockets, in close proximity to their reproductive organs. In addition to the reproductive parts, other sensitive organs such as the kidneys, liver, colon and bladder may also face serious effects due to these harmful radiations.

World Health Organization classifies the cell phones radiations as carcinogenic. In 2011, WHO issued a report claiming that these radio frequency electromagnetic waves may be cancer causing and long term usage of mobile phones increase the risk of probable brain cancer in humans.

Even the child inside the mother’s womb is at extremely high risk leading to thinner skulls, parotid gland tumors and brain tumors. Since in children, the cells reproduce more quickly, these radiations prove to be more deadly. Pregnant women are advised to minimize cell phone usage, because the child may develop hyperactivity and difficulties in expressing emotions.

It is 2017 already, and the landlines are long gone. So maybe it is time you breakup with your smartphones.

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