Youtube annoying users by asking them if they want to use real name

youtube use a better name annoying get rid of

I think this is like the 10th time I denied Youtube to use my real name, but it is clearly persistent.

You can add this Adblock Plus filter and problem will go away:


adblock block youtube

Youtube is really beginning to annoy me  now, it constantly asks me if I want to use my real name.  When it asks, it does it in an annoying way where you  have to click a few links just for that annoying popup to go away.

I think this is Google trying to turn Youtube into a social network by having people use their real names, so they can CONNECT.

I don’t see how my real name is considered “A Better Name”, according to that annnoying youtube popup.

youtube annoying

You can avoid this annoyance by using firefox with the add-on greasemonkey + this script for greasemonkey: userscripts(dot)org/scripts/sh­ow/153375 (Titled “YouTube: No Google+”)

The annoying pop-ups are also completely stopping the person from doing anything until they click the same buttons as the last 5-20 times.  The truth is, that nobody want’s to use their real name on a place like Youtube.  Maybe they want to remain anonymous?

This is so not like Google to annnoy their users like this, Google’s mission is to increase it’s user base and so far it’s the number one search engine, and has other products like Gmail that are also #1.

youtube annoying users real name